Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Single Beautiful Chunk

I took a few days to think about how I wanted to start this blog and I decided that instead of jumping right into throwing a boy under the bus, that I would start with myself.

So here I am, hi.

For those of you who are new to my life, my name is Julie aka Beautiful Chunk.  The name came into fruition a few years back when I decided that I no longer wanted to be fat girl pretty, I just wanted to be pretty.  I started a weight loss blog and came up with the name Beautiful Chunk...3 years I am...a single Beautiful Chunk.

Back story:

My whole life I have always been boy crazy.  I always had a top 10 list of crushes and def still do.  Growing up large and in charge it was hard for me to find good any guys who liked me.  Having a top 10 list and having 0 of them pay me any attention was hard.  I always put myself out there because that's just the personality I was dealt, but to no avail.  Now, don't get me wrong, I almost always had a boy around but the problem was that they weren't good ones, they were almost always awful.  You know, the ones who were embarrassed for anyone to find out you hooked up or ones that were mean but you stuck around because they called you beautiful at 300lbs. past life.

Not anymore, I'm a different person now.

I've lost some weight, changed my fashion, got a new hair style, bought some 4in heels and slapped some expensive makeup on my face. Now I'm finally the type of girl I've always wanted to be: a confident girl. 

Can I just tell you how being confident changes your life?  The saying "confidence is the best accessory a girl can wear" is 100% true.  I'm so not kidding...ever since I changed my lifestyle it has been nothing but happiness.  I kicked the awful boyfriend of 3 years out of my apartment and haven't looked back.  I took a year off from the dating scene to get my shit together and heal before I jumped back into the boy pool.  About 6 months ago is when I really decided that I was ready to start dating again.  I joined and that's when my adventures began.  My social life has been insane ever since and I wouldn't change a thing.

The boys you will hear about in this blog will mostly be from the past 6 months but I will also include some stories from the past.  I will change all names and it will be completely anonymous (I'm not trying to ruin lives here)!  I will also post about my opinions on certain relationship things (holding hands...ew) as well as online dating and the sort.

I am very open to having guest posts by anyone who has a great story to share, so if this is something you're interested in doing...start getting your stories ready! :)

This post was a way to introduce Beautiful Chunk to everyone so that you could learn about my transformation and maybe understand a little better why I do what I do.  The new me makes decisions without thinking and takes each opportunity as an adventure and something that can help me transform into the girl I've always wanted to be.  I mean...come motto is stolen from the HBO tv show GIRLS...

do it for the story

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