Have you ever seen the shows GIRLS and Sex and the City?  I hope you have because my dating life is pretty much summed up by 2 names: Hannah and Samantha.  It's a mix of high hopes and disappointment with a dash of trainwreck all mixed up in a scary bowl of Match.com eHarmony JDate POF all of the above internet dating.

So how the hell did I get the bright idea to throw all of my dirty dating laundry on the internet?  Mostly because every Monday morning after a great weekend, every phone call after a terrible date, every angry post date sub-tweet ...I hear the same phrase over and over again: you need to write a book.

So instead of writing an actual best seller, I decided to take the easy read: free approach and plop my business all over the internet via this blog.  I have so many stories to share, some good, some bad and some even considered a nightmare.  I also know that you all have stories as well and I want this blog to be an outlet to share our experiences.

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