Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Bitter Sweet Goodbye

By complete accident...I landed a boyfriend and am currently on lock down.  How this happened, I'm still not sure. No idea. No clue. What.The. Fuck.

Obviously everyone knows I have been on online dating websites for the better half of 2013.  What was I looking for? Who the hell knows...I wasn't really loooooking for anything in particular besides meeting new people and understanding who I am and what I am really looking for in a long term man friend. Over the past several months I certainly discovered what I DON'T want.  In fact, I didn't really ever meet anyone that I could see myself with long term, hence why the longest I talked to a few guys was 3 dates...then I cut it off.  What's the point in continuing if it wasn't going anywhere and I was already looking forward to the next boy?

Yes....I said that.  Me.  The next boy.  There was always a next boy.

A few friends and I came up with a nickname to describe myself the past few months:  BBW Player. HA! Not like I was seriously dating multiple guys at once (I would never do that), but I def was "talking" to multiple guys at once...and I was loving every second of it. :)  I don't regret it and I always told myself that if any of them were right for me that I wouldn't feel the need to talk to anyone else.

Which brings me to my current situation.

I was on Plenty of Fish (POF, best dating website in my opinion), and I was meeting a lot a lot a lot of guys.  Good quality ones too, not so much the loserish types from previous sites. I was having a lot of fun and just going out and dating boys and loving it.  I then started talking to this one guy and we had everything in common.  I was really excited to meet him but I kept pushing it back and delaying the first date.  Mostly because I was still talking to other guys and I wanted to eliminate them before starting anything new with this great new one.  So that's what I did.  I met the others just because I don't everrrr want to think "what if I did meet _ _ _ _, I wonder what would have happened..." so I made sure to meet them all before meeting the great amazing one.  So once I got all the other ones out of the way, I was ready for our first date.

Our first date lasted 8 hours and ended at 3am.  It consisted of dinner and Xbox One playing.  Ummm I instantly knew that I would be seeing him again when he handed me my very own Xbox One controller that he bought just for me.  No one has ever done anything sweet for me and his sweetness just blew my mind.  The fact that my water glass always has to be full while I'm at his house and he always has one waiting for me...the best thing ever.  He's amazing, pretty much my perfect man friend.  We have almost everything in common (I'm sorry, but I hate Doctor Who and I don't want to watch another episode of that...ever).  He's 6'4", has a southern accent, wears chuck taylors, plays bass guitar, is in the military and loves soccer.  I have so much fun while I'm with him and I miss him when I'm not around him.  I hold his hand all the time without thinking twice.  Who am I?  I'm a girl who has let every wall down and is terrified and excited to see where this all goes.  Everything is happening so fast.

But...you know when you know.

With that being said, I do not think it's appropriate to keep going with this blog.  It was a short lived project and I really enjoyed sharing my stories with everyone.  I'm sad that it is coming to an end but I'm so excited with the new beginning I've started with someone amazing.

If you still want to keep up with my life, my weightloss blog will always be there...Beautiful Chunk.


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