Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The One with the Dick Pic

Unfortunately for single girls these days, dick pics are more common than a sweet good morning text.  Aren't we lucky. It seems like the advancement of technology is directly related to the increase of perviness of the male species.  Dick pics for everyone! Wow, what a win for us ladies.

So here's one of my dick pic stories...

It was a Friday night and I was very excited to meet a boy from POF that I have been talking to for a few weeks.  We had that perfect personality connection and I was very anxious to see if that connection carried over to face to face interaction.  He was the perfect gentleman and actually did send me good morning texts (that's rare).  Well we had plans to meet at 9ish but a location was not determined.  I got all dolled up and at about 8:30 I texted him to see where we would meet.  No response.  I waited until 9 before I gave him a call.  No response.  What was going on?  Was he seriously standing me up?  With every minute that went by I was getting closer and closer to tears. At 10pm I realized that I was getting stood up.  Instantly I was upset and began to cry, this has never happened to me before.  Ever.  It was humiliating and I couldn't understand why someone would do this to me.

As I was crying in my living room decked out in my cutest outfit and sexiest heels, I received a new message on POF from a new boy.  I was so mad and upset that of course I checked it right away.  Here is how the conversation went...

What are the odds right? We both got cancelled on/stood up and were all dressed up with nowhere to go.  It's not really my thing to go out with a guy I've only talked to for...10 minutes, but being that my motto is do it for the story, I figured...why not?  I looked cute, he was cute...could be fun and I def needed to be cheered up.

So we met at a bar for a few drinks and when I first met him I was very attracted to him.  He was very cute, funny, smart, well spoken, great background story.  Pretty much good on paper with looks to back him up.  I was flirty, confident and very comfortable with him.  A few hours and a lot of drinks later it was time to go home.  There is always that awkward moment after a date when you go to say goodbye and I always try to avoid it.  Especially on a first date...I don't want to kiss you.  So I just hugged him and walked away to my car.  As I was walking to my car I received a text, it was him. I was like awww he probably sent me a text saying how much fun he had!  Because come was fun!

But was....wait for it...a picture of his dick with a message that read:

After drinks party?

Are. You. Kidding. Me?  I saw this and instantly laughed out loud and threw my phone.  I was livid. I just sat there for a minute trying to decide what I wanted to do.  I was just so upset that after a long string of bad dates I finally had a really great one...and then it was ruined.  Of course I didn't want an after drinks party but I had to say something.  So I grabbed my phone and texted him back..."not my style."  A few minutes later I was still SO angry that I just went off on him.  Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: Are you f*cking kiiiiding me? Why did you send me that?  I thought you were one of the good ones, I actually liked you.
Him: I thought you hated me and had an awful time.
Me: You thought I hated you so you just assumed I would jump on your dick? Because that makes complete sense.
Him: It's my defense mechanism...I know girls hate that stuff so it was kind of like a "f*ck you" for not liking me.
Me: Us girls go through enough, there are so many pervs out there that we don't need nice guys being them too.  I thought you were different, clearly I was wrong.

So that was that. He then apologized a million times and felt bad for sending it to me, as he should.  Lucky for him I'm laid back and I was able to look past it.  He asked if he could make it up to me by taking me out again, I accepted.  Ummm FYI this is Boy #1 from the previous posts haha. So obviously I did go out with him 2 more times...but still, this was not acceptable.

And the sad thing is...he is probably still sending out that pic and there are girls out there that do attend that after drinks party.


Side note:  the boy who stood me up texted me at 1:30 am saying he fell asleep, he was Boy #2.

Hot mess, glad they were both kicked to the curb.


  1. Glad you kicked them to the curb! Love the story, can't wait to read more

  2. I can definitely relate. I hate when guys do that! There's nothing sexy or romantic about it! Great post! I'm glad I came across your blog.

  3. I don't think my first comment posted so...great post! I can definitely relate to dick pic sagas. Why do guys do that? There's nothing sexy or romantic about it!